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SMP666 posters

Check me out using my new (old) Line-O-Scribe sign press to print posters for the 666th annual Scary Movie Party, an event I helped create that is going public baby! Yeah!

This method of printing is called “Use What You’ve Got” or as I like to describe all my printing, Quick and Dirty. I picked up the press that day, and using only what came with it (two interesting cabinets of drawers full of very worn lead and badly damaged wood type) plus some borrowed ink, we banged out a bunch of blurry, slimy glossy inked prints on coated paper. (My fellow printers, you can assume the challenge that posed, like grease on a banana.) Needless to say, they were a hit with the hipsters, as was the show.

The “new” Line-O-Scribe:

Locked and loaded.

Locked and loaded.

The forme. Because this is a galley height press,(I think, either that or the roller is REALLY shrunken) I had to substitute a cut apart cereal box for the underlayment to bring the forme to proper height. mmm Kashi.

Kashi is a good galley


And then, in real Quick and Dirty style, we inked it up three colors at once. Behold, the messiness:

Quick and Dirty inking

Quick and Dirtu Inking

(Are you keeping track of the beer bottles? Its funny to watch them pile up. Scrimshaw was appropriate…)

And then, we print! First, because of the condition of the roller (don’t ask me how much this cost), I had to pack the forme to get an impression and to keep the filthy roller from marking the reverse of the prints. I used a piece of polyester felt Jessi had that seemed to work just right.


Felt Packing

VIOLA! The first print!

The First Prints

The First Prints

And finally, the Artists Formerly Known as Sane People, Jessi and Jenny! Big round of applause for their mediocre production!


Artists or drunks?

But we had fun. At least it looks like we had fun. I was so sleep deprived by the end of it I don’t really remember much of the printing. Ugh. Art hurts sometimes. :)

And not a word about the fact that its December 6 and I just now got around to posting about something I made in October. Shush!


I was approached by an acquaintance to print a set of wedding invitations for a happy couple three weeks ago. The client already had a design, made plates and bought paper. My part was to do the actual printing. The design was lovely: silhouetted wildflowers in sage green against a cream background with black text.

Now the paper was beautiful, but my little C&P just couldn’t give a good print on the linen finish.

bad printing

bad printing

I tried printing on the smoother side of the paper, upping the packing, and adding more ink, then thinning the ink, then putting a sheet of make ready UNDER the plate, etc. etc. and still, that linen finish that is so pretty just wouldn’t take a punch. The horizontals and verticals on the paper surface, that make it look like its woven, showed through no matter how much pressure I applied.

So, after calling a few people to ask if there was any trick to printing with this paper, I decided to rig up the cylinder Poco proof press to print the second color. rigged poco

Worked pretty well, even though it took a lot longer with hand inking the plate for each print. The prints were much more consistent, and the texture didn’t show through the more solid areas of the image. Pretty good, pretty good.
better print

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