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I was approached by an acquaintance to print a set of wedding invitations for a happy couple three weeks ago. The client already had a design, made plates and bought paper. My part was to do the actual printing. The design was lovely: silhouetted wildflowers in sage green against a cream background with black text.

Now the paper was beautiful, but my little C&P just couldn’t give a good print on the linen finish.

bad printing

bad printing

I tried printing on the smoother side of the paper, upping the packing, and adding more ink, then thinning the ink, then putting a sheet of make ready UNDER the plate, etc. etc. and still, that linen finish that is so pretty just wouldn’t take a punch. The horizontals and verticals on the paper surface, that make it look like its woven, showed through no matter how much pressure I applied.

So, after calling a few people to ask if there was any trick to printing with this paper, I decided to rig up the cylinder Poco proof press to print the second color. rigged poco

Worked pretty well, even though it took a lot longer with hand inking the plate for each print. The prints were much more consistent, and the texture didn’t show through the more solid areas of the image. Pretty good, pretty good.
better print

This week I was accepted into the Saint Louis chapter of the Craft Mafia! I think this is very cool, and it will be very good for Lock and Key Press. I hope to be networking and craft fair-ing with all the members for the duration of my stay in Saint Louis. To see who’s who and who makes what, check out the newly added tab above titled Saint Louis Craft Mafia. All the members will be listed soon! Their are some incredibly talented people in this group and I’m proud to have been chosen to work among them!

Also, I have received my Membership packet from the Amalgamated Printer’s Association. I’m quite excited about this, as I’ve been asked by many of the printer’s I admire “Are you in the APA?” Now I can say YES! I am! Number #843! They even sent me a little tiny logotype that says “Amalgamated Printer’s Association MEMBER”.



All I’ve got to do is print up 200 copies of my “prop card” and send it in to make my membership “official”. So that’s what I’m doing today, as well as writing up the last bits of class materials, and making some color proofs for wedding invites I’m printing.

Maybe this momentum will continue and I won’t feel so much pressure about finding a full-time job…

Yee Haw! i had my first Etsy sale last night! Someone bought a bunch of gift bows I made! I’m so glad I thought of doing that, they’ve been so popular!

I also got a request to do some business cards for some one. I sent her a message outlining what I could do at the price she requested. I hope she thinks its good, or at least messages me back and haggles a bit. I like haggling. Its true. I’m a haggler. Not in appropriately though, I don’t get to the check out at the grocery store and say, “Will you take $50 for everything?” (tho secretly i wish I could).

Also, i have secured a heat source for the sunroom, so now I think I can print my little heart out with out losing circulation in my extremities! Hurrah! Best part is, I traded a set of note cards for it. Like I said, haggler.

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