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Come out to LUSH on Armitage in Chicago Lincoln Park tomorrow night from 6:00 til 9:00 pm for an event I can’t remember the name of, but was asked to participate in last minute!!!

Apparently, businesses all along Armitage in Lincoln park are featuring local artists and artisans and Lock and Key Press will have its goods set up around the shop for sale! OMG!

There is another artist going to be there, as well as food from Karyn’s Raw Cafe, a raw foods restaurant here in town.

So spread it around! if you’re in Chicago and want something fun to kick off your Friday night, come get some delicious bath and beauty products and hand made letterpress prints!


Well, things are going alright over here in Chicago. I’m working my butt off getting this equipment sold, and getting things in an organized manner about the shop area. I keep uncovering more and more and more STUFF.

Along with so much printing equipment I could be set for decades, I find lots of trinkets and things laying around. They are stuffed in drawers, under boxes and tucked in corners. This is one of the best finds this week:

Gas Mask!

Gas Mask!

That’s the kind of thing you find in a Veteran POW’s basement! I also uncovered a whole other galley rack, but it was too dark for pictures, and he hates when I take too many pictures.

Today, we moved an ELrod Slug caster, 4 empty Ludlow mats cabinets, a standing stitcher, a Ludlow Supersurfacer, and we did it all by ourselves. Well, we had a truck with a lift gate, some skids and a come-along. So that helped. But it was still hard work. I’m filthy too. I suppose I should go shower. I can’t think straight enough to make this post any more interesting anyway.

Its been another lead and cast-iron filled coupla weeks in Chicago, and boy am i bushed. My computer was out of commission for a week because I spilled coffee on the keyboard. but I bought and installed a new keyboard, so its up and running! I lost a list of people who had purchased spacing from me, but I think I’m getting them all back so far.

Mr. Meers and I did a lot of cleaning. We had many appointments for purchasing some of the equipment, and made a few significant sales! We’ve got an offer on a large lot of his hot metal casting stuff, but I’m wondering if we’ll find any takers for the Linotype things. Seems people are giving it away for the hauling out of the basement. We can’t compete with that kind of pricing!

I’ve had some success with, and with craigslist ads, which is good. Craigslist keeps things local and Briarpress helps me reach the right people. If I can keep up this pace, maybe we’ll actually make a decent dent in the piles and a few dollars for Mr. Meers!

I found some cool WW2 memorabilia that Mr. Meers had from being Prisoner of War. I set a big box of stuff aside for his family to go through and told them any letters or things from when Mr. Meers was in the Air Corp that they don’t want, I will take and give a good home. I’d hate to see it thrown away, but it seems like Mr. Meers daughter doesn’t want much pf anything by the way of heirlooms.

I even got a few more areas cleaned up in the print shop. The C&P, Mr. Meers favorite, is uncovered! Its dusty and needs a good cleaning, but its intact. The Heidelberg is uncovered to, and his daughter exclaimed, “I haven’t laid eyes on the Heidelberg in years!”. Which amazes me. There was so much paper and junk and boxes of random stuff piled on top of it you couldn’t see it and its probably about 2/3 the size of a VW Beetle original style!

I cleaned off another type cabinet full of shiny new never used type! Its a gorgeous steel front Hamilton cabinet, with a slant top for composing and a rack for leads and slugs. (I will put up some pictures in a bit, I gotta find the hose for the camera…)

So right now, I’m back in STL for a few days to love on my patient and understanding boyfriend, get a kitty fix and clean my house, and then Wednesday i’m off to Chicago again for a whole month to continue this project.

What I’ve done so far this weekend:
1. Went to Mr. Meers house and actually cleared off a surface. I mean threw away two trash bags of old papers, magazines and junk mail and got to the surface of a table.
2. Met with Cathie at mr. Meers, showed her around and got her excited about buying some of the significant peices of Mr. Meers collection.
3. Deep cleaned the cat box. Kittes are much happier now.
4. Made pasta and had dinner with Jessi, who I haven’t seen all week and she lives in the same house as I do.
5. Answered back-log of emails and did more research online.
6. Took a long relaxing soak in the tub with some delicious Lush “Bathos” bubble bath. so nice.

1. Fixed the internet connection. The network crashed sometime around 2 am, and all computers reverted to a static IP. (???) I reset everything. Modems, routers and individual connections. ugh.
2. Fixed the bottom drawer of my desk for good. The bottom kept falling out. I ripped out all the nails and reassembled it. While I was on hold with tech support for the crashed modem by the way. They never answered.
2. Organized some flickr photos, tagged, sorted and uploaded all the rest i’ve been meaning to get to.
3. Created a knitting pattern template in Word so know I can copy and paste patterns and print them out in booklet format to carry around easier. No more crumpled full size sheets at the bottom of the knitting bag!
4. Went back to Mr. Meers to get some cuts and paper to make my Mom’s Xmas present.
5. Washed the dishes.
6. Photographed new yarn for Ravelry, photographed vintage paper stock to show off on BP.
7. Called Marvin Envelope and requested a catalogue. Meaning to do that all summer.

Ah. I feel acomplished.

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