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I’m really excited about the Hamilton Wood Type Museum‘s Wayzgoose this year! (November 3-7, 2010) Jim Moran has really transformed the museum in into a living, working, learning establishment. I haven’t been there in a few years (you know I get busy…) so I’m sure I’ll be amazed!

The Wayzgoose begins with a few days of education workshops. This is the part I’m really looking forward to attending. A large part of my “Big Idea” is having a print shop that teaches tuition-based classes and monthly open-t-the-community classes, similar to what Evanston Print and Paper has going on right now. I’ve also been trying to get some private lessons worked in, but found that its quite difficult to travel to individuals needing instruction, even thought that’s where they could most benefit from lessons: in their own shops with their own equipment.

I also need to get my class structure to run a little smoother. I think that I try to cram in way too much theory and not enough application. I’m hoping to work my way around this, and get more to the nitty-gritty of printing so that the class participants have a lot more time actually printing. The history and lore of printing need to take a backseat to the methods.

Mostly, I’m looking to rekindle my motivation to print. Right now, my equipment is scattered across 3 states, and I have no where to actually work! Being busy with a full time job, volunteering and other pursuits I’ve really neglected my printing. I need to prioritize, and the first step is being more involved with the community or printers that waits literally right in my back yard!


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