I thought that Lock and Key press should have a MySpace presence, but then I was reminded that nobody likes MySpace anymore. So I set up a Facebook page for Lock and Key.

What’s the first thing I see whilst browsing for some friends? All kinds of groups and posts that say “Let’s get Facebook to us URLs like MySpace does!” or “Join our quest for Facebook Navigation like MySpace!”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? If Face book sucks so bad, WHY ARE YOU STILL USING IT??!?!?! I really don’t understand why suddenly, after being on Facebook for 4 damn years, I’m getting dozens of friend requests! Its so silly. LEMMINGS!!!

Sheesh. MySpace is way better. But, I’ll give my faithful fans a choice. You can find us on Facebook, and soon I’ll have a Lock and Key MySpace up, but for today I think i’ve had enough of that “social networking” thing.