The first classes went well over at Firecracker Press. The Digital Letterpress class was full plus one, the letterpress fundamentals class only has two students, and the one-day Letterpress Techniques had two people.

The workshop went well, but it was a long day and I didn’t eat lunch so I was getting pretty loopy by 5 pm. The 2 students were very good at what they were doing after the initial demos. I’d do few things differently next time, such as limit the materials available, encourage interaction between students, and really push the experimentation aspect of the class. With only two students who weren’t interacting very much, the class felt, well, dry. They came up with some good stuff, and one boy left with maybe 25 mono prints. The other gal produced a snarky greeting card with an text and image, and figured out registration pretty well too. All in all, it was a great day. I felt those two students took their money’s worth from the class for sure!

Next week we’ll have another full Saturday with the Digital Letterpress in the morning, and then Letterpress Fundamentals in the afternoon. I am always impressed by what people produce in these classes. It’s very inspiring!