Ok, I’m keeping this weblog I think. I will be bouncing back and forth between here and blogger for a while, before I decide where I fit best.

Make sure you visit my etsy shop at lockandkeypress.etsy.com where I have lots of great handmade and letterpressed ephemera for sale.

There’s great things for sprucing up your gifts this year, like wrapping paper, gift tags and hand made bows all letterpressed, unique and full of cheer!

There’s also a new addition for the ladies only, Mod Cloths! Handmade super soft and washable feminine protection. Wash and wear just like your underpants! Saves money and will help you keep that New Years Resolution to “Be Green” as you reduce your waste this year. That’s something to start the year off right with! Remember, Reduce Reuse and Recycle!

More updates as the week progresses.